Sediki's Andalusia
always a mix of adventure,
culture and nature.

One day mountain bike tour

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As for altitude we operate for our tours mainly between the levels of 400 and 1,500 metres, this offers a great selection of terrain and trail conditions for most of the year.

A tour for beginners is 25 kilometers, with a difference in altitude of 535 metres and takes you around the mountain El Fuerte and the "lost" village Acebuchal.  Acebuchal is situated in de natural reserve. Nearby there is an old marble groove and a decayed prison that was used till the end of the Franco-era for detention of idealists, communists, gypsies. Part of this route runs through a riverbed and takes you to the top of the El Fuerte.

The longer and more difficult day tours take a maximum of 60 kilometres, with heightmeters up to 2,300. Our special mtb tour is the climb of La Maroma, the roof of the province of Malaga (2067m). From wooded area and sandy pathes the climb gets more challenging with rocky and narrow trails. To reach the summit you either climb on foot carrying your MTB or you conquere this "bold boil" no matter what, riding your saddle!