Sediki's Andalusia
always a mix of adventure,
culture and nature.

Fun family tours mountain biking

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Come and explore Andalucia with the family by bike. Together with our children from 9 and 11 we traced out several family tours. The tours are exciting for all members of the family and we make sure that the tour is suited for everyone of the family. We take adventurous roads to show you the most beautiful spots of the area. These tours last about 4 hours.

One adventure starts at our home base Villa Sediki with a few short climbs if possible on our bikes. Once out of the valley we descend slowly to the village centre and lurch down the riverbed to the coast of Nerja.

During the entire trip you will enjoy the great views and just being present in the country. We will stop wherever we can for a refreshment and maybe even find a spot to play. We will have a picnic and in the end there is the opportunity to take a dip in the sea.