Axarquia is situated in the region Malaga, east of the city Malaga. In the west the region is surrounded by the mountains of Málaga, in the north by the mountains Camarolos, El Jobo and Alhama, in the east by the mountains of Sierra Tejeda and Almijara and in the south by the Mediterranean Sea.

History, climate and environment
Axarquia is called Ash-sharquia by the Moors and signifies Land of the East. The climate with more than 320 sunny days a year is considered to be one of the best in Europe.

The authentic white villages are built on the foot of the mountains and affort a beautiful panoramic view. In addition, the climate with more than 320 sunny days a year is considered to be one of the best in Europe. Because of this climate, this region is the only one in Europe whre large amounts of fruits such as avocado’s, cherimoyas, mango’s and papaya’s can grow. These joyful qualities give people immediately the feeling of being home.

Sierra Tejeda y Almijara
Directly above the white villages of the Axarquia starts the nature park of the Sierra Tejeda y Almijara. This is a widespread nature reserve that consists of deep and numerous caves. The most famous caves are the ones in the costal town Nerja.

Versatile Frigliana
All outdoor activities start at Frigiliana. Frigliana is also called the Pearl of the Axarquia and is a charming white village on the foot of the Almijara and National Park Sierra Tejeda. Frigliana is one of the most well kept villages of Andalusia that has a rich history. More info

The region Axarquia is well-known for its aromatic plants such as thyme, lavender, sale and rosemary. Furthermore, there are the ancient olive trees, avocado trees and almond trees surrounded by wine vineyards.

At the foot of the Mountains of the Sierra Tejeda y Almijara many trees and bushes grow. Above lies the rough and bold massive that is originated in the dolomite marble. This is the living space of goat mountains and predatory birds. Especially the eagle and falcon are indigenous. Furthermore, it is the home of more than 2000 mountain goats.

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