In her Andalusian kitchen Gwenny prepares the most tasteful meals and authentic tapas for all participants of the tours. Every tour includes a meal and is served during the tour or at the end of a tour.

The land grows numerous avocado trees and other fruit trees such as olive, orange, lime and mango trees, figs and cumquat bushes. These products are used abundantly in her tasteful tapas and her exotic dishes.

Catering at your holiday home


Catering at your holiday home
Donít feel like cooking but still want to enjoy good food without leaving the house? Then Sedikiís Delight is your solution! We prepare the most tasteful meals and authentic tapas. Freshly home made healthy food quickly delivered at your holidy adress. Every day you can choose between a range of Spanish meals. There is also an extensive choice of tapas made by original Spanish ingredients. Gwenny will gladly bring the Spanish kitchen to your holiday home!

Tapas are delicious Spanish small dishes, originally derived from Andalusia. Tapas from origin are snacks for the common people. The farmers that worked at the land used up so much energy that they couldnít continue working till dinner without having a snack first. In general these were fat snacks that were eaten in combination with a glass of wine.

The name tapas is originated in the time that the first tabernas opened and is derived from the Spanish verb tapar that means cover up. In a tabernas they served a glass of wine or sherry covered up with a piece of bread and a slice of ham or cheese. In this way flies or other insects were prevented to drown in the glass of wine.

Throughout the centuries more and more tapas were created and because of the Moorish domination more complicated snacks with North African influences were added to the simple dishes of olives or pieces of ham. Now there are countless different tapas and they no longer fit over a glass of wine.

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